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Wireless Temperature Controller (WTC) Range

WCT 500TX - 55C
The WTC Range Are Air Sensor Thermostatic Radiator Controllers

The wall mounted Wireless Temperature Controller (WTC) range is designed to maintain room temperatures within a fraction of a C. On the units the room temperature is displayed with a 0.1C resolution and, once the room is up to temperature, it does not usually change at all.

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Energy saving Wireless Radiator Temperature Control

Many thermostats have a switching differential (hysteresis) of about 1.5C. This means they switch heaters on at full power until the room reaches the target temperature, then switch them off until the room has cooled to target temperature minus 1.5C. As a result the room temperature cycles up and down by at least 1.5, probably more because it takes time for heat to get from the heater to the thermostat.

Even a 1C change is noticeable. For instance, suppose you find that 20C is comfortable, but begin to feel cold at 19C or 18C. You would have to set a normal thermostat to 22C to feel conformable all the time. But this is a waste of energy because for much of the time the the room is hotter than it needs to be.

Turning a thermostat down by just 1C saves considerable energy. The WTC range of controllers lets you do this because we have eliminated that temperature cycle altogether!

Proportional Control

The WTC range has eliminated the temperature cycle by using technologies in both the heater PCB and the thermostat.

In our heater PCBs, we do not simply switch the heater on or off, we modulate the power; (for most heaters) all the way from 0% and 100%. We use a combination of methods to achieve this depending on the configuration of the heater. These include selective element switching, surface temperature control and chrono-proportional control.

In the thermostat we use 'proportional control' instead of simple on/off with hysteresis. This means that as the room approaches the set temperature we start to reduce the power output from the heaters. For instance if the target temperature is 20C and the actual is 19.9C, the power demand will be reduced to about 25%. If the temperature rises further it will be turned down more, if it falls it will be turned up more. The result is completely a stable room temperature with no cycling at all.

Wall Mounted Wireless Temperature Controller

All our thermostats designed to be fixed to a wall so that it they are never warmed by being handled. This is important to maintain precise room temperature and the zone controllers achieve a battery life of at least of 2 years with normal AA or AAA alkaline batteries. We have achieved this by designing very efficient electronics and using microprocessors that run highly optimized code.


Why are battery powered WTCs better?

It is not just low installation cost that makes battery powered wireless thermostats better; they save energy costs and provide better control.

Only an external thermostat, like a WTC, well away from the heater, can measure and control true room temperature. Our WTC maintain room temperature within a fraction of a degree ensuring a comfortable temperature with no unnecessary energy consumption.

Being battery powered and wireless makes it easy to locate correctly. For accurate temperature control, a thermostat should be away from direct sunlight, other heat sources, draughts etc. Wiring constraints often lead to compromises.

We have seen other heaters with built-in 'room thermostats'. These never work well because the thermostat is so close the heater that it gets heated above room temperature. When this happens it switches heating off while the room is still below set temperature. If you compensate by turning the thermostat up, the heater will come on when the room is already warm enough. This wastes energy and in our tests the room temperature can vary by as much as 8C.

WTC Air Sensor Thermostat Wireless Controller RangeThe WTC Can Be Installed In Minutes!

By wireless we mean no wires! The WTC range of thermostats (unlike some 'wireless' thermostats) are battery powered. You can install a WTC in minutes without an electrician and without disturbing the decor. Simply mount the back plate to the wall and clip it on. You can then connect the thermostat to any number of heaters within range (typically 30m indoors) by following a simple connection sequence described in the user guide.

WTC Radio Frequency - 433MHz

The WTC system uses the European 433.05-434.79 MHz frequency band for Short Range Devices. By avoiding the popular 2.4GHz frequency we make the WTC impervious to interference from products that use for example WiFi or Bluetooth.

For a given power, 433MHz penetrates plasterboard walls and masonry better than 2.4GHz. We have had reports of WTCs working at a 200m range through several walls. By comparison, 2.4GHz signals do not penetrate walls as easily so transmission from one room to another can be patchy.

Simple Radio = Low Cost + Low Power

Compared to other methods of radio communication (such as Bluetooth or Zigbee), the WTC protocol is very simple. As a result we can achieve very low costs and very good battery life.

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