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Infintely better than night storage radiators which only give you heating the next day. Try the ECOLEC system that gives you heating when you want it.


Electric central heating products

Space Saving IP44 Safe To Touch at 55oC Panel Radiators

Electric Safe to Touch School Heating Panels

Wireless Time and Temperature Control Radiators

Suggested uses: Offices/Work Places, Homes, Apartments, Sheltered Housing, Assisted Living, Nurseries, Schools, Rest and Care Homes, Health Care Buildings and Public Areas where potentially vulnerable people might be living, working or visiting.

Wireless and Temperature Control Radiators Wireless and Temperature Control Radiators

Powder Coated White models

Line ref. Code Dimensions
(W x H x D)
Btu Price £ Buy
14.1 ECO 1000DLL/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 500 x 2000 x 40 1000 860 2934   Add to cart
14.2 ECO 1000DL/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 500 x 1500 x 40 1000 642 2190    
14.3 ECO 500DLL/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 500 x 1000 x 40 500 425 1450    
14.4 ECO 500DL/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 500 x 750 x 40 500 321 1095    
14.5 ECO 250DLL/IP44/PC/RX/55 500 x 500 x 40 250 214 730    
14.6 ECO 250DLL/SB/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 250 x 1000 x 40 250 214 730    
14.7 ECO 500DL/SB/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 250 x 1500 x 40 500 321 1095    
14.8 ECO 500DLL/SB/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 250 x 2000 x 40 500 425 1450    
14.9 ECO 2000DLL/IP44/PC/RX/55/V 1000 x 2000 x 40 2000 1560 5322    

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Ecolec "Safe To Touch" (white) is a range of wireless controlled slimline low surface temperature electric panel radiator heaters.

The "Safe To Touch" Low Surface Temperature (LST) Slimline Panel Designer Radiator Heating System that works with wireless technology is specifically designed for use in environments where the surface temperature of the heater should not exceed 55o centigrade (+/-1 degree C) at full output.

The space saving IP44 55o Celsius panel radiators work with wireless time and temperature control. This ensures a safe and even temperature for certain sectors of the community, particularly offices or work areas, homes, apartments, sheltered housing, assisted living, nurseries, schools, rest and care homes, healthcare buildings and public areas where potentially vulnerable people may be working, living or visiting.

Electric Safe to Touch School Heating Panels

This Ecolec range of thermostatic, wireless, time and temperature controlled Low Surface Temperature Electric Panel Heaters are economic to run, silent in operation and available in a plain splashproof white powder coated finish, providing a highest level of controllability and style.

The "Safe To Touch" LST wall mounted panel radiator is simply wired in to a fused electricity spur, without the need for visible wiring and with a wireless receiver (RX) saving the need for manually switching the heater on or off.

The Wireless Controller Transmitter (WCT) - WCT 500/TX - 55 degree C Air Sensor Thermostat unit can control each registered Low Surface Temperature Heating System unit within a 30 metre radius as each RX LST heater has an inbuilt receiver designed to respond to a signal from the WCT 500/TX. The WCT has a keylock mode and is simple to programme up to 6 temperature settings per day on a 7 day cycle. There are 'Advance', 'Economy', 'Holiday' and 'Boost' modes as well as an inbuilt room temperature sensor and frost protection, powered by just 2 x 1.5v Alkaline batteries.

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